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Probation and Child Care Services

Introduction on Probation Service

Probation service in Sri Lanka has been established in 12 March 1945 under the Prison Department by employing 10 Probation Officers. However, the probation system has been implemented in Sri Lanka from time to since 1919 in Sri Lankan courts through voluntary probation officers. In 1944, the act of keeping criminals under probation supervision was declared; accordingly the probation system was expanded towards 1950 with the appointment of probation officers covering all monitory regions. With the prevailing of the probation system the act no.48 of 1939 on children and youth has been implemented.  Since the probation system was implemented under the prison department, the prison department was once called prison and probation department. On 01st October 1956, this department was commenced as a separate department as the department of probation and child care. When establishing this department the government expected to achieve the following objectives.

  • Rehabilitating criminals and releasing them to the society as good citizens through probation system in exchange with castigation, limiting the imprisonment of criminals.
  • Taking concessionary legal actions against molested children and youth.
  • Providing services to the needy children and youth.
  • Providing protection to such children and giving them the opportunity to stay with their families.

After bestowing administrative powers to the provincial councils, the departmental roles have been decentralized to the provincial probation commissioners. Services regarding the legal issues faced by children/ breach of child rights and also regarding providing protection to the needy children/ protection for the molested children can be obtained from the probation offices of the central province by either meeting the probation officers or submitting in writing.

Apart from these, information and services regarding legal adoption of children, enrolling to children's homes awareness on child rights, registration of day care centers, can be acquired from probation offices and the department of social welfare, probation and child care services, central province. You can even reach the assistant commissioner (probation) on +94 812 217402.

1. Legal adoption of children

  • Giving orphans and forsaken children to applicants who are willing to adopt them
  • Children will be given to foreign applicants only if there are no local applicants
  • Only the adoption order given by a district court is valid within Sri Lanka

Legal adoption - For local parents

  • Any Sri Lanka citizen above 25 years can apply for this. The age limit between the child and the applicant should be more than 21 years. ( This is not applicable for adopting relative children)
  • Requests can be made to the provincial probation and child care services department or to the probation office of the residing area. After the request is made probation officers will perform investigations on eligibility. Documents indicating your date of birth, marital status, position, properties, health status, and residence should be produced to the probation officer at the time of inspection. 
  • Recommendation reports based on the investigations will be forwarded to the approval of the provincial commissioner. Requests will then be shortlisted. 
  • With respect to any adoption, the adoption order given by a district court under the provisions of ordinance no. 24 of 1941 on raising children is valid.

Adopting a child - for foreign parents

                    This is done through the Department of Probation and Child Protection of Central Government.



2. Services offered for orphaned, deserted, helpless and abused children

Children's Homes are run by voluntary organizations under the supervision of this department to provide protection and care for orphaned, deserted, helpless and abused children. Monthly payment of assistance for resident children and annual building and equipment aids are paid by the department. There are 35 Children's Homes registered under the Provincial department.


3. Matters relating to voluntary organizations and institutions engaged in child welfare

A monitoring probation officer is appointed for each Children's Home. They will monitor

  • Monitoring of voluntary organizations and institutions engaged in child welfare,
  • Supervision and financial support, and
  • Registration under the department.

Providing financial aid for these Children's Homes and payment of assistance for resident children is done according to the requirements.


4. Providing Counseling Service

Counselors are attached to all probation offices to provide services for the children and adults that need counseling. Counseling services are offered for the abused children and also for those who are addicted to drugs and subjected to domestic problems

5. Running a Custody House

Custody homes are homes where children are kept till they are presented to the child courts or till they receive the court orders. Probation reports are being given by observing the behavior and activities of these children so that it is easy to take the best suitable rehabilitation procedure for each child. At present Werawelawatta Custody House is also operating for boys and a custody house is being constructed for girls as well.

6. Maintaining the State Adoption Children's Homes

Tikirisewana Children's Home at Udaperadeniya, Kandy is a Children's Home that's being run under the governance of the department to provide protection for the children who lost the home permanently or temporarily. Abandoned children and children whose parents have faced disasters are being admitted to this home. Every effort is being taken to find their parents and to reunite them. When it's impossible such children is given either for adoption or for voluntary Children's Homes. They are reintegrated after reaching the proper age.

7. Promotion of Children's rights

This department provides services in order to create awareness among children and adults on child rights according to the international children's charter. An operation committee on child rights is established in each divisional secretariat with a child right's promotion officer working on it. Probation officers in provincial offices are working in collaboration with them. People can report child rights violations to these officers.

In addition, we offer following services

  • Rehabilitating the elders, youth and the children directed to the department
  • Bringing the adamant children who are in obedient to their parents, who abscond school, and are engaged in anti-social affairs to the correct path
  • Implementing the child rights charter adopted by the UNO and taking necessary steps to protect child rights and
  • Coordinating with the department of social welfare, probation and child care services of the line ministry


The department of social welfare, probation and child care services is in the mission of solving following problems related to children. Probation officers and child rights promotion officers of each divisional secretariat are providing their services for this purpose.

  1. If child rights are violated in a legal manner
  2. If a child is subjected to exploitation or abuse
  3. If a child is used for child labor
  4. If a child has to be rehabilitated after been subjected to sexual abuse or other malpractice
  5. If the health and development of a child is limited
  6. If the right for the ownership of the child should be protected
  7. If a child has faced a disaster or is in need of aid
  8. If there is a need to organize an awareness program on the above subjects for the villagers
  9. If there is any question about our service

 Do not hesitate to visit your probation office, divisional secretariat or central provincial department of social welfare, probation, and child care services





Senior Citizens

senior citizens We build, maintain and monitor elder's home to take care of elders above 60 years of age

Disabled Citizens

disabled citizens We assist disabled persons with aid equipment, self-employment training & opportunities and financial and infrastructure facilities

Probation & Child Care

probation child care The Dept. assists, educates and takes care of orphaned, deserted, helpless and abused children and maintain orphanages

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