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About Us

Institutions Under the Department

Probation Offices - 10


Probation Office


Probation Officer In charge



Probation Office - Kandy

Courts Complex, William Gopallawa Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka.


+94 812 388782


Probation Office - Gampola

Gampolawela Road, Gampola, Sri Lanka

Mr.S.M.P.C.B. Mawelagedara

+94 812 352263


Probation office - Nawalapitiya

Courts Complex, Nawalapitiya, Sri Lanka.

Mr.W.M. Gunarathne Banda

+94 542 222214


Probation office - Teldeniya

Teldeniya, Sri Lanka

Mrs.G.W.S. Ariyarathne

+94 812 050054


Probation office - Matale

Matale, Sri Lanka

Mrs. K.C.S. Malkanthi

+94 662 222454


Probation office - Dambulla

Colombo Road, Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Mrs.S.G.P.L. Jayakodi

+94 662 284707


Probation office - Naula

53 Mile Post, Rangala, Naula , Sri Lanka.

Mr.G.M. Wijayasinghe

+94 663 925122


Probation office - Nuwaraeliya

IRDP Building, Nuwaraeliya, Sri Lanka.

Mr. Udaya Bandara

+94 522 222523


Probation office - Walapane

Liyasewana Centre, Walapane , Sri Lanka.

Miss A.M.V.G.V.K. Amarasinghe

+94 522 050010


Probation office - Hatton

Courts Complex, Hatton, Sri Lanka.

Mrs.M.G. Pushpalatha

+94 512 222201


Children's Homes - 02




Telephone Numbers



Tikirisewana Government Adoption Home

Ogastawaththa, Udaperadeniya, Sri Lanka.

+94 812 388145



Werawelawatta Children's Detention Centre

Bambaradeniya, Welamboda, Sri Lanka.

+94 812 310885


Commissioner's Message

With the intention of providing services to the people of the Central Province, the Department of Social Welfare and the Department of Probation and child care services were established under the 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution. On 15th of February 2012, these two departments were combined together in order to form the existing Department of Social Welfare, Probation and Child Care Services of the Central Province.

A staff of 168 people is currently employed under this department to carry out the duties up to date. My sole intention is to provide a people friendly public service to the deprived people of the society. I intend to extend our services to the community using Information Technology. Its beginning is marked with the creation of our web site and further work is being carried out using new information and communication technology strategy in par with "E-Sri Lanka" program.

I am grateful for the assistance and guidance shown by the political authority headed by the Governor of Central Province Hon. Surangani Ellawela and the Chief Minister of Central Province Hon. Sarath Ekenayeka, and the staff headed by the Chief Secretary of Central Province.

Mrs. D.M.C.C.K.Gunaratne

Organization Structure

Organization Chart of The Department of Social Welfare, Probation and Child Care Services - Central Provincial Council, Sri Lanka

Senior Citizens

senior citizens We build, maintain and monitor elder's home to take care of elders above 60 years of age

Disabled Citizens

disabled citizens We assist disabled persons with aid equipment, self-employment training & opportunities and financial and infrastructure facilities

Probation & Child Care

probation child care The Dept. assists, educates and takes care of orphaned, deserted, helpless and abused children and maintain orphanages

Reach Us

Reach us No.615
William Gopallawa Mawatha
Kandy, 20000
Sri Lanka

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